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There are over 40 cakes to choose from with three different craves to make your Cake the perfect selection.

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Mom’s Sweets

Original Rum Cake
 This Rum Cake is wonderfully rich and buttery with a lovely golden brown crust. Original Rum Cake is a unique and delicious dessert for any occasion!
The Crave

Sweet Dreamer

Rum Cake

Infused with Chocolate

Unique and Delicious! Nothing will satisfy a chocolate craving better than one of these delicious chocolate rum cakesIt’s moist beyond imagination; don’t take my word on it, buy one now & you tell me!

The Crave

River Splash

Orange Rum Cake

Infused with Orange

The orange flavor came through perfectly, the cake is moist and a beautiful shade of orange. Who needs the fruit when you have this splashing with rum!

The Crave

Splendid Kisser

Lemon Rum Cake

Infused with lemon

This cake is the perfect solution to summer birthday parties or winter events when you need to wake up your taste buds. Everyone who has tried it absolutely loves it

The Crave

Malibu Sensation

Coconut Rum Cake

Infused with Coconut and Rum

Ah, the flavors of the Caribbean... This extra-moist, tender cake is infused with two flavors—coconut and rum—that play off each other beautifully. So take a trip to paradise without leaving your house with coconut rum cake!

The Crave

California Raisin

Rum Raisin Rum Cake

Infused with raisins

If you have never tried this type of cake, you really don't know what you are missing.
The raisins have been soak in rum before there bake in the cake. Promise your senses will beg for more if you love raisins!

The Crave


Chocolate Coconut Rum Cake

Infused with Coconut & Chocolate

The flavors are P.E.R.F.E.C.T. If a friend or loved one has a birthday coming up, surprise them with this cake! Better yet, make this cake for them “just because” You’ll be their new favorite person! 

The Crave

Tropical Tan

Chocolate Orange Rum Cake

Infused with a Chocolate & Orange

I don't know if these are for breakfast or dessert. (I think the answer is “yes!”) They are wonderfully. This rich, moist cake is a feast for the taste buds. So rich & moist you can’t wait to have another bite.

The Crave

Orange Sunset

Orange Chocolate Rum Cake

Infused with Orange & Chocolate

The combination of tart, citrusy orange with sweet chocolate has been a big hit. If you like the combinations or even if you think you don’t, I would encourage you to try your hand at this. This cake is one of the Greats.

The Crave

Lemon Burst

Lemon Chocolate Rum Cake

Infused with Lemon & Chocolate 

An unexpected combination, as far as cakes are concerned, but the final results are stunning. Practically falling over myself with eagerness to take a bite!

The Crave

Summer Breeze

Lemon Coconut Rum Cake

Infused with Lemon & Coconut

This is a Refreshing taste of sweet & sour blended together, making it feel like its summer time. Try one of these creations to make your holidays special.

The Crave

Hawaiian Sun

na Colada Rum Cake

Infused with Pineapple & Coconut

Two fruits that were made for each other, a match made from heaven, together puts you’re senses on a tropical beach sipping drinks from paradise! Pure indulgence with the wow factor, ideal for the spring! Perfection, at its
The Crave

Blue Ice

Lemon Blueberry Rum Cake

Infused with Lemon & Blueberries, 

From the first bite you will be swept away; it will be an out of body experience! This can be a simple and sweet afternoon snack, or a early morning treat to pair with your coffee. Add a patriotic flair to your summer!

The Crave

Wild Flower Temptation

Lemon Poppy Seed Rum Cake

Infused with Poppy seeds and lemon.

Lemon lightens and complements the rich, moist flavor of this delicate cake with a rum glaze. It’s great for gift giving! Also great family dessert for the Easter weekend! Or with coffee or a scoop of ice cream, no matter how you decide to serve it, you will come back for more!

The Crave

White Alpine

White Cake Walnut Coconut Rum Cake

Infused with Walnuts, Coconut

Infused with Walnuts, Coconut

"Pure Indulgence" - This is how I would describe this unforgettable cake! The blend of flavors is pure pleasure in every bite. The perfect cake to serve as a coffee cake, or on those rainy days; when you’re in all day with a good book or remembering the good old days with photos!! With a hot cup of coffee or hot coco will put you in your own little world when you have that free time to spoil yourself with our rum cake!


The Crave

Island Paradise
Macadamia Nut Coconut Devil Food Rum Cake

Infused with Chocolate, Macadamia Nuts & Coconuts

But be warned--this is so good it’s sinful! You should probably stash it somewhere out of sight so you don't eat it all yourself. I loved the combination of devil’s food, coconut and macadamia. It’s just different enough from a regular chocolate cake without being outrageous. One slice of this awesome cake & your friends will never go home!

The Crave

Cuba Libre

Coke Rum Cake

Infused with Coke

Cuba Libre, a popular mixed drink from Cuba that combines rum, coke and lime. This masterpiece has hit the shores of Miami! But Crave Rum has taken it a step further! Be the next hit at your Miami party with this unbelievable & unique cake that your friend will never forget!

The Crave

LT's Chocolate & Peanut Butter

Chocolate Peanut Butter Rum Cake

Infused with Chocolate & Peanut Butter

If you like chocolate and peanut butter you will love this cake. The first Non – Alcohol Cake… Same great taste! This is in fused with real Reese’s pieces chips. The best of two worlds; Chocolate & Peanut butter how you can go wrong.

The Crave

Gone Bananas

Banana & Walnut Rum Cake

Gone Banana’s: Infused with Bananas & Walnuts

This cake is perfect for morning or afternoon tea. Wake up your taste buds with a breakfast-inspired flavor combo that's welcome all day long. Put this perfect item on grill with a little butter in the pan to get it nice and brown on both sides serve with your favorite ice cream! What a great late snack!   

The Crave

Summer Loving

Orange Pineapple Rum Cake

Infused with Orange & Pineapple

This is a beautiful and refreshing rum cake, to give a unique and delicious taste synonymous with the two fruits. If you like orange/chocolate combinations or even if you think you don’t, I would encourage you to try your hand at this. This cake is one of the Greats! Try a slice warmed with a scoop of your favorite ice cream, or add some fruit to it. It’s to die for!

The Crave

Scotch My Butter

This butterscotch rum cake is a delicious everyday dessert with whipped cream, whipped topping, or heated just a little with a scoop of Vanilla or chocolate ice cream. A delicious butterscotch rum cake...

The Crave

Rum Runner

Fruit Punch Rum Cake

Infused with Fruit Punch Flavors & Rum; for a cake that packs a punch, we have taken this drink from the bar scene & put it in a cake! So good that you forget it’s a cake! So what better way to see summer off by having one last cookout &having a cool refreshing made for any summer!


The Crave

ABC Signature Cake

Banana's Foster Rum Cake
Thanks Brandon and Staff

That is to die for. One bite of our Bananas Foster rum Cake will transport your taste buds to the heavens. All that is missing is the ice cream! This dessert is originally from New Orleans, but Crave Rum has turned it into an elegant cake! 

The Crave

The Pink Monkey

Strawberries & Bananas Rum Cake

Infused with Strawberries, Bananas & Rum; Give a twist to traditional rum cakes, as we step out of our comfort zone to bring you this blend of strawberries & bananas with just the right amount of rum to make a marriage in heaven!

The Crave

Lady in Red

Red Velvet Rum Cake
Infused with Rum; This moist cocoa cake from the South has alluring deep red hue; combine that with our sweet rum glaze and it’s too tempting to ignore.  Try this southern bell heated just enough where it’s just a little above room temp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream w/real vanilla bean OMG!  Keep the ice cream out, because you‘ll be back for more!

The Crave

Key Western

Key Lime Rum Cake

Infused with Key Lime & Rum; Love Key Lime Pie? Well it’s time to experience our twist of a classic. Crave Rum has taken this Key Lime dessert & made it more scrumptious with rum! The same great flavor of a pie, but now a perfect rum cake!

The Crave

Tan Key Western

Chocolate and Key Lime Rum Cake

Infused with Chocolate, Key Lime& Rum; Looking for a delicious treat?  This tropical tangy zing of Key Lime that is very big in Florida, match with Chocolate; is nothing but luscious, delectable! Nothing can take the place of this masterpiece.

The Crave

Jammin Jackie

Guava Pineapple Rum Cake
Thanks Jackie

Infused with Guava, Pineapple & Rum; If you like tropical fruits, then this is the perfect combination of two tropical flavors coming together! One bite as your taste buds lose themselves  from these new flavors they are experiencing for the first time thinking you are in a tropical place, or perhaps you have been to a tropical place & you’re there now! A must get rum cake if you want to be back to Tropical Islands!

The Crave

Festival of Flutes

Peaches and Cream Cheese Rum Cake
Thanks Lauri, Tasha & Staff

Infused with Peaches, Cream Cheese& Rum; Simply Delicious. This blend of bites of Peaches with Cream Cheese not over powering Peaches! This goes well heated just a little with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Or if you eat breakfast on the go; toasted with cup coffee will start the day right!

The Crave

Fight Club

  Pink Lemonade Rum Cake
Cancer Survivors

Infused with Pink Lemonade& Rum, share the taste of summertime with this awesome Pink Lemonade Rum cake bursting with flavor! This Luscious Pink Lemonade rum cake is perfect for your BBQ weekends or any time!

The Crave

PG Holidays

Spice Rum Spice Cake
Holiday Cakes Seasonal Only

Infused with Spice Rum

This is one of my favorite cakes for Christmas time. It's remarkably tender and spicy and covered in gloriously buttery rum glaze, the flavors are just bursting at the seams! Slice off a big hunk and enjoy with a piping hot cup of coffee. Or make French toast with it, no matter how you choose to enjoy it, you will be happy you did!

The Crave

Sherry's Christmas

 Eggnog Rum Cake
Holiday Cakes Seasonal Only

Infused with a Eggnog & Spiced Rum,

Looking for dessert pies? Brighten the holidays with something new this year to share with family & friends, a delicious eggnog rum cake, all that’s needed is a fork 

The Crave


Tiny Bear's Christmas

Pumpkin Spice Rum Cake
Holiday Cakes Seasonal Only

Infused with Spice Pumpkin & Spiced Rum

While pumpkin pie deserves respect as a Thanksgiving icon, it's fun to shake up tradition. Surprise your family and friends with pumpkin Spice rum cake this year—it just might become one of their holiday favorites. The perfect ending to your Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration!  

The Crave

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